There are currently around 2,500 children in Utah’s foster care system, but less than 1,300 licensed foster families. And considering that the primary reason children are placed into foster care is because of abuse and/or neglect in their homes, those odds can seem staggering. But Maskcara Beauty, a fast-growing Utah based makeup company, is ready to change those statistics by encouraging more Utah families to open their homes to children in foster care through their new non-profit organization.


“As foster parents ourselves, we have seen first-hand the way it has touched our lives and the lives of our children in miraculous ways,” says founder and CEO, Cara Brook Killpack. “We have also seen the negative stigma surrounding the foster system in the US and are saddened by the way that stigma affects would-be foster parents with loving homes.” Last year, Maskcara Beauty introduced two new eyeshadows to its collection (Mi Hija and Stay Golden), with 100% of the proceeds going toward the production of the film Love Never Wasted, a video aimed at opening more homes to children in the foster system. To date, these two products have raised over $200K.


Cara, along with her husband, Nick Killpack, are optimistic that sharing this film will make a difference in helping more families consider opening their homes and hearts to foster children:“We are on a mission to bring truth to the myths spread about fostering and show the side that we have experienced in hopes we can flip the numbers so that more children will have a better chance at a better life and more families will have a chance to love a deserving child in need.”